Irena Federov (тундра)

Ruthless Soviet Super Power of Cold


Code Name: тундра (Tundra)
Real Name: Irena Federov


  • Ruthlessly cold
  • True Believer
  • Rose colored glasses

+5 Shoot
+4 Will, Empathy
+3 Investigate, Contacts, Provoke
+2 Fight, Deceit, Stealth, Notice

Tundra can shoot (+ 7) a blast of cold that also applies an aspect of “frozen”. She can use Will (+ 6) to fill her zone with cold weather and add an aspect (freezing, snowing, cold winds). If she succeeds with style she fill another zone or apply a second aspect.

You can dial down the temperature so quickly that snow forms in your zone and every adjacent zone. You can move through the snow without a problem, but to everyone else it’s a Fair (+2) obstacle that persists until the
end of the scene.


Irena Federov (тундра)

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