War of Superpowers


Cloak and dagger at the Watergate Hotel

In early May 72 Coleen’s brother Warren (Buzz) Carmichael Jr. and a GOP politician, James McCort, visit Coleen and ask her to break into a room in the Watergate hotel to steal some documents and set up a wiretap. She eagerly agrees.

Many months later in mid December the US Supers are sent to Washington where there is a banquet in their honor at the Watergate hotel after the lighting of the National Christmas tree. The group see Atom Smasher for the first time since there return from Munich. They ask his where he has been but he says it is classified but it is clear there is something wrong. Jane convinces him to meet in private and discovers that he has had further conditioning done to him.

Coleen visits her father in his office complaining about Ms Clemens but he ignores her complaints and tell her to behave. She leaves upset.

Victor and Coleen head to a radioshack store where Victor manipulates and frequencies on the stereos to try and match the pitch on Ms Clemen’s conditioning whistle. He succeeds when he see Coleen react. She figures out what he is doing and yells at him and insists he needs to get her one of the giant radio systems. Through an elaborate scheme he steals one.

Coleen, Jane, Victor and Gary break into Ms Clemons room trying to find the whistle and some file on Coleen. They do not find the whistle but Coleen finds blurry photographs of her breaking into The Democratic National Headquarters.

The reporting Jim Faultry with a photographer approaches Coleen and accuses her, James McCort and a few other of the break in. He then reveals copies of the same photographs. Coleen makes a run for it but passes out.

Gary, Jane, and Victor find out the Coleen is being held by Ms Clemen’s and that a number of CIA agents are illegally working the floor. Victor electrocutes one and takes over the phones finding what room she is in.

Coleen wakes up to her father telling her everything will be ok and he’ll take care of everything if she behaves. Never one to listen to her father she phases through the walls to a phone and calls the New York Times and asks to speak to a journalist. They connect her to Bob Woodward and she tells him about the Watergate scandel. He asks her name and she says “Deep Throat” and says to meet her in the parking garage.

The crew gets to her room and finds she is already gone. Jane notices Ms Clemens leave in a hurry. Jane turns invisible and follows her to the garage where she finds Coleen. Ms Clemens blows the whistle and causes Coleen to pass out. Woodward appears and asks for Deep Throat. Ms Clemens presses her hand against his chest and drains his life force leaving a husk.



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