War of Superpowers

In the Shadow of Munich

1972 Olympics becomes a nest for national espionage

On the flight to the 1972 Olympics in Munich Ms Clemens informs the team that one of the Soviet SuperPowers is trying to defect. After the briefing Coleen confronts Ms Clemens about the whistle and conditioning of the American Supers.

Once in Munich Gary insults a West German shot putter and causes a brawl at a cafe.

By the pool Jane Le Fleur tries to meet with Adam but spots him flirting with Laura Starr, an American olympic swimmer. Jane, who has a crush on Adam, becomes jealous and spikes the swimming teams water with ipacac making them all sick. The US blames the Soviets for the drugging. This and the event at cafe causes tensions to rise between the US and Soviets.

Victor Volt, and American Superpower heard about the stories of Ms Clemens’ whistle and using it to control the others. His link to technology lets him feel there is more to the whistle and he tries to sneak into her room to steal it. After breaking in he sees she is not in her bed but in a chair as though waiting for him. She question Victor and puts him on probation.

Gary and Jane head back and notice that the Russian are out looking for them led by Irena (Tundra), a Soviet Superpower with master over cold. When they see Jane they try to dump paint on her but she dodges and tries to get away. Irena blasts her with cold and freezes her into place. The breaks free and runs for it.

Coleen secretly meets with Sergei and she flirst and questions him to see if he is interested in defecting. After talking for awhile Coleen thinks he is not interested but the still make out.

Gary, having gotten a good look at Irena and know she is still actively looking for him, decides to disguise himself as her and head into the Soviet part of the olympic village where he discovers that Visili Alexandrov (Sandman), Dariya Yegerov (Baba Yaga), Sergei and Lt. Col Fedorov. They have Agent Jack Carson, the intelligence officer who found out one of the Societ Superpowers was trying to defect.



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