Unites States

In 1940 US started their superpowers program soon after the cold war. They took ten children around 10 years old and put them through the super soldier program. The result was a partial success as the children did manifest amazing powers but it also made them insane. It is unknown what happened to the Original 10.

In 1951 the US tried again this time using the super solider drugs in-vitro. The program was announced to military and government couples who were having a baby. It was volunteer only but due to the resent success the Soviets had with their superpower program it did not take long to find 10 volunteers .

Once again the children manifested amazing abilities as early as 14 months. The children grew up healthy and normal showing no signs of insanity.

The parents and children were moved to secret facility in Northern New Mexico with focused training on their abilities and education to work within the world.


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