War of Superpowers

Meet The Super
Domestic dispute among the most powerful people in the world.

Coleen Carmichael insults Atom Smasher by insulting his sister who is in a wheelchair.This causes him to flip out an attack her.

At the same time the reporting, Jim Faultry, shows up asking about the recent report with Marjorie Clemens who made comment that the American Superpowers were dangerous and needed to be controlled. Gary Indiana insists it is nothing and asks him to leave.

Coleen managed to phase through the wall but Atom just burns his way through which Jim notices. Gary again says it is nothing and goes to check what is going on ignoring Jim. Wildcat siding with Atom and and Jane Le Fleur siding with Coleen have joined the fight backing up their friends. Jane changes to iron and Wildcat can’t hurt her.

Atom with burning fists of radiation hits Coleen causing severe burns and Ms Clemens blows a whistle causing them all to freeze revealing that they are all under a form conditioning.

In the Shadow of Munich
1972 Olympics becomes a nest for national espionage

On the flight to the 1972 Olympics in Munich Ms Clemens informs the team that one of the Soviet SuperPowers is trying to defect. After the briefing Coleen confronts Ms Clemens about the whistle and conditioning of the American Supers.

Once in Munich Gary insults a West German shot putter and causes a brawl at a cafe.

By the pool Jane Le Fleur tries to meet with Adam but spots him flirting with Laura Starr, an American olympic swimmer. Jane, who has a crush on Adam, becomes jealous and spikes the swimming teams water with ipacac making them all sick. The US blames the Soviets for the drugging. This and the event at cafe causes tensions to rise between the US and Soviets.

Victor Volt, and American Superpower heard about the stories of Ms Clemens’ whistle and using it to control the others. His link to technology lets him feel there is more to the whistle and he tries to sneak into her room to steal it. After breaking in he sees she is not in her bed but in a chair as though waiting for him. She question Victor and puts him on probation.

Gary and Jane head back and notice that the Russian are out looking for them led by Irena (Tundra), a Soviet Superpower with master over cold. When they see Jane they try to dump paint on her but she dodges and tries to get away. Irena blasts her with cold and freezes her into place. The breaks free and runs for it.

Coleen secretly meets with Sergei and she flirst and questions him to see if he is interested in defecting. After talking for awhile Coleen thinks he is not interested but the still make out.

Gary, having gotten a good look at Irena and know she is still actively looking for him, decides to disguise himself as her and head into the Soviet part of the olympic village where he discovers that Visili Alexandrov (Sandman), Dariya Yegerov (Baba Yaga), Sergei and Lt. Col Fedorov. They have Agent Jack Carson, the intelligence officer who found out one of the Societ Superpowers was trying to defect.

Cloak and dagger at the Watergate Hotel

In early May 72 Coleen’s brother Warren (Buzz) Carmichael Jr. and a GOP politician, James McCort, visit Coleen and ask her to break into a room in the Watergate hotel to steal some documents and set up a wiretap. She eagerly agrees.

Many months later in mid December the US Supers are sent to Washington where there is a banquet in their honor at the Watergate hotel after the lighting of the National Christmas tree. The group see Atom Smasher for the first time since there return from Munich. They ask his where he has been but he says it is classified but it is clear there is something wrong. Jane convinces him to meet in private and discovers that he has had further conditioning done to him.

Coleen visits her father in his office complaining about Ms Clemens but he ignores her complaints and tell her to behave. She leaves upset.

Victor and Coleen head to a radioshack store where Victor manipulates and frequencies on the stereos to try and match the pitch on Ms Clemen’s conditioning whistle. He succeeds when he see Coleen react. She figures out what he is doing and yells at him and insists he needs to get her one of the giant radio systems. Through an elaborate scheme he steals one.

Coleen, Jane, Victor and Gary break into Ms Clemons room trying to find the whistle and some file on Coleen. They do not find the whistle but Coleen finds blurry photographs of her breaking into The Democratic National Headquarters.

The reporting Jim Faultry with a photographer approaches Coleen and accuses her, James McCort and a few other of the break in. He then reveals copies of the same photographs. Coleen makes a run for it but passes out.

Gary, Jane, and Victor find out the Coleen is being held by Ms Clemen’s and that a number of CIA agents are illegally working the floor. Victor electrocutes one and takes over the phones finding what room she is in.

Coleen wakes up to her father telling her everything will be ok and he’ll take care of everything if she behaves. Never one to listen to her father she phases through the walls to a phone and calls the New York Times and asks to speak to a journalist. They connect her to Bob Woodward and she tells him about the Watergate scandel. He asks her name and she says “Deep Throat” and says to meet her in the parking garage.

The crew gets to her room and finds she is already gone. Jane notices Ms Clemens leave in a hurry. Jane turns invisible and follows her to the garage where she finds Coleen. Ms Clemens blows the whistle and causes Coleen to pass out. Woodward appears and asks for Deep Throat. Ms Clemens presses her hand against his chest and drains his life force leaving a husk.

Heart of Darkness
The Supers head to Vietnam to take out one of the original 10

March 1973. On the beach at a US military army base in Vietnam Ms Clemens gives the crew their mission: to find and bring back Col William Kirtz who is in Cambodia and believed to be one of the Original 10. Since the US has signed a treaty they decided to have a Korean platoon from the Blue Dragons led by Jin Ho Janggok escort them. She also warns them that Baba Yaga has been working with the Viet Cong. Ms Clemens pulls Jane aside and tells her that she must kill Kirtz.

Flashback The superpowers are in their first year of Junior High in Albuquerque. Victor is getting picked on and Jane comes up to help but just gets pushed down. She grabs a piece of metal and her skin takes on its properties and without thinking she punches the bully in the face breaking his jaw.

The crew takes a helicoptor but has to stop at a Southern Vietnam village to resupply. The Blue Dragons treat the locals horribly and Victor is able to pick up radio transmission that the Viet Cong are near by. One of the soldiers threatens to kill a local but Jane grabs his gun and crushes it. They manage to calm things and leave before the Viet Cong arrive but Jane notices Jin Ho starring at her suspiciously.

While on the helicopter Gary Indiana talks with Jane and see if she wants him to take out Jin Ho or one of the soldier and take his place. She disagrees for now.

The crew switches to a river boat and start heading up river. They are attacked by the Viet Cong. Jane turns invisible and Coleen phases and flies over to their attackers. They are able to take them out without much problem but notice Baba Yaga teleport. The rest of the crew is taking cover and firing back. Victor notices Baba Yaga appear on the boat and drop a backpack that he senses is a bomb. He jumps on it and makes it inert. Baba Yaga cuts him then teleports away and the Viet Cong retreat.

The crew comes up and discovers Kirtz hideout. A number of soldiers and locals surround the area. Kirtz speaks with them and tries to convince them to stay.

Jin Ho speaks with Jane and tells her that his main mission is to bring her back with him to South Korea. He tells her it is where she is originally from and to join her country people. Jane says she’ll think about it.

Victor and Jane head off and chat when Baba Yaga suddenly appears, grabs Victor and teleports away. Victor find himself surrounded by Viet Cong. Baba Yaga proceeds to question him using a lie detector which he takes control of. However, the machines including the lie detector, the guns and a nearby jeep seem to talk in his head. He makes a break for it in the jeep.

The rest of the supers try to convince Kirtz to help them save Victor but he says he no longer feels safe and is leaving the hideout and encourages them to follow. Indiana feels somewhat pulled towards him but decides to leave with the other supers to save Victor.

Victor’s jeep crashes with the Viet Cong just behind him. The other supers try to help but Jane takes a hit and turns invisible. Coleen spots Baba Yaga and the rest of the three team up on her. Victor blasts her and another jeep; blowing it up. Indiana distracts her and Coleen criticizes her outfit then phases into her. Indiana finally kills her by completely taking her identity. Jane reappears and knocks out Indiana thinking he is Baba Yaga.

The supers find Kirtz to location and again try to convince him to go but he refuses and says they cannot leave. He starts to control their minds but Jane convinces him to have a private conversation. Kirtz forces her mind to tell the truth and she confesses to be ordered to assassinate him. She tells him what she knows about the Original 10 and Ms Clemens and he agrees to leave with them.

Back on the beach the group is flirting with the military men, having a few beers and blowing off steam. Jane notices Ms Clemens take Kirtz back into a room and Jane follows invisible. They have a conversation about how Kirtz can’t go back to the mainland and then she puts too bullets in his head.

Dreams of Freedom

July 1972, All the US Supers head to Sandia Labs in NM and are meeted by Dr Joseph Kine, one of the original biologists to work on SuperPowers in the US. He has been missing for five years and when questioned he says he was captured by China but rescued and held by the CIA in Okinawa for 3 years. However, Gary Indiana had been messed and has false memories of a summer with him and the others two years ago.

Victor, Eva Gonzales, Coleen and Gary head off base and steal a Charger and pass around a bottle of Vodka while driving into Albuquerque. A group of UNM students in a Camaro challenge them to race. Victor accepts and barely beats them but finds that he has the cops on his tail. He is able to ditch them but the care breaks down.

While the supers are sleeping in the bunker an alarm goes off alerting everyone that (Sandman) has escaped. He uses his illusions forcing guards an other supers including [[:wendy-mcdonald-ms-patriot (Ms Patriot)]] to attack each other but Victor uses the cameras, and the group is able to coordinate and take him down. They find that Sandman had been free 30min before the alarm went off. Viewing security cameras they find that Gary freed him, and he went into the rooms of Ms Clemens

Gary sneaks into Dr Kines room and speaks with him. He finds out that Kines memories were also altered and he to remembers being in NM two years ago. He admits to never been captured by China and is not sure where he has been. He wonders if it was there memories that were altered or everyone else’s.

Victor meets with Cole Fergison to see if he can help him question Sandman. Cole tells him he has a device that will allow them to see Sandman’s memories and thoughts but it is not tested. Victor agrees to let him test it on him. The test goes well except for a moment when everything goes white and all that Victor hears is a strange voice calling itself MANiC 55.6 and they need to work with each other.

Coleen, Victor and Gary find out that Sandman is going to be transferred and they hurry and sneak into his cell. Sandman makes a deal with them that they he will give them the information he got from Ms Clemens’ dreams if they help them sneak him out. They first confirm that he won’t continue working for the Soviets and he tells them he will disappear and work mercenary. They agree and find out Ms Clemens has created her own superpowers that she controls unconditionally and see the US Superpowers as failures.

The group helps sneak Sandman out and he walks off disappearing as his escort shows up.

Man and the Machine

It is December 1973 and Gary, Coleen, Jane and Victor Volt head to Managua, Nicaragua on an intelligence mission led by Agent Jack Carson and Ms Marjorie Clemens. Eliot Goldberg a pioneer in supercomputing left to Nicaragua with a cult he helped create. Wendy McDonald (Ms Patriot) has joined them. It is also believed that Goldberg is one of the Original 10 and aligned with Sandinista National Liberation Front.

They land in Managua and are greeted by President Anastasio Somoza and his family. Victor notices that President Somoza’s daughter, Angelica, is wearing a strange necklace the is electronic in nature. The president also shows them that two large skyscrapers in the distance. The first, Le Grande, is 83 stories. The second, El Somoza is currently under construction and will be 115 stories, the world largest skyscraper.

The group Investigates Le Somoza skyscraper being built. Coleen talks to Wendy McDonald (Ms Patriot) and convinces her to have lunch with them. Jane discovers strange antennas on the building. Gary find hidden passages for the robots. Gary connects with MANiC 55.6.

At a dinner party Victor steals a strange peace of tech around Angelica Somoza’s neck and almost gets into a fight with one of her suiters.

Group investigates the Le Grande skyscraper and find robots below the building which attack them. They manage to disable the robots by knocking out the antennae that surround them. They head back up and spot a droid. Victor senses it spying on a group of officials from Venezuela and Mexico. Ms Patriot is also in the room when an explosion goes off.

After bomb goes off Coleen and Jane find Wendy who managed to seal herself in an air bubble during the explosion preventing much of the damage but leaving her knocked out. Gary and Victor spot Goldberg and kidnap him.

They take Wendy and Eliot to a safehouse and question Eliot. MANiC asks Victor to connect more with him and Victor agrees. Victor tries to disconnect MANiC from the area but Manic forces him not to. Eliot says he is not with the SNLF but MANiC is. Eliot is trying to find a safe place for him and his cult and using his abilities to help improve Somoza’s situation.

Wendy tried to free Eliot but the group prevents her. Jack shows up and releases him anyway.

The group decides to head to the cult HQ in a junkyard. On the way Victor admits to being in partial control of MANiC. Jane records the conversation.

The group attacks MANiC but Eliot is there in power armor along with Irena Federov in disguise. They destroy MANiC but not before he sends a backup of himself to the Cray Supercomputer in Langley.

As the group prepares to leave Victor is arrested having admitted to being under the control of MANiC.

Split Sides

February 1974, Group is sent to West Berlin and meet with MI-6 Agent Nigel. They recently discovered Dieter Krüger, the son of Axel Krüger. Axel was a Nazi soldier during WWII who was believed to experimented on with super soldier program. He was believed dead but MI-6 intelligence has found he is hiding in the Eastern Block. With the discovery of Dieter it proves that the abilities of the superpowers can be inherited.

The study of Axel could help discover new aspects of the super soldier program and KGB have Axel’s boyfriend, Tycho, under house arrest. The CIAs plan is to extract or kill Tycho to prevent KGB from finding Axel. Then using Dieter and Tycho to lure out Axel.

Since MI-6 is sharing the intelligence with the CIA they insist that Amelia Barrow (Wing), Britain’s first active Superpower assist in the mission.

Wing, Coleen, Victor and Gary try to cross to East Germany. Victor first creates a distraction by sending a car across a bridge then travels across the phone wires. Gary morphes in asphalt and blends with the road. Coleen phases and flied over. Everything is going well when Wing whips by in flight leaving sparks behind her. East German soldiers point spot lights at her and start to fire.

Gary takes the form of a soldier and is ordered by Tundra to follow her. Coleen find Wing and creates an explosion by phasing a rock and throwing it into a mailbox. The explosion knocks out the soldiers but also hurts Wing. The two get away. Victor tries to play like a civilian but is captures by Tundra.

Wing knows a MI-6 safehouse where her and Coleen hide. She is upset about screwing up the mission but Coleen calms her by doing her hair. They also discuss Coleen relationship with Sergei and Amelia says he is to marry a Russian model, Natasha Nali. They two bond.

Gary, disguised as solider, convinces Tundra to let him interrogate Victor She agrees. Victor knocks out the electricity and the two escape.

The four decide to rescue Axel who is being hold in an apartment by Boris Trushin (The Bear). Gary stretches his face to listen on the apartment and finds that Tycho is about to break. He whispers into his ear and manages a convincing lie to Boris.

Coleen, who is waiting outside, spots Sergei (The Sickle) who is not with his girlfriend. She confronts him as a distraction but also to find out about Natasha. Sergei explains that it is the idea of the government and his heart is with her but he must do what his country tells him.

Victor gets in and electrocutes the two guards allowing Gary to stretch Tycho to safety. Boris morphs into a bear and rips into Victor. He barely manages to escape and they steal a Trabant car. As they drive away The Bear is right behind them. Wing smashes into him and Gary and Coleen try to distract him and they barely get away.

Jane andAgent Jack Carson question Dieter to see if he knows anything about his father. When Jack leaves Dieter says he has to get out and thinks his life is in danger. Jane helps sneak him out by discovering she has a new ability to turn other invisible.

The rest of the group returns to the MI-6 base with Tycho. They find out about Jane and Dieter running off but set up a plan to bring out Axel anyway. With Tycho they plan to meet at a park figuring that Axel is aware and will meet there.

The group heads to the park with Tycho. Jane and Dieter also find out about the plan and also find there way there. Tycho sits on a bench and the others notice that Tundra is there. A fight breaks out with Tundra and Boris. Jane tries to help but Ms Clemons gets in her way and tries to kill her with her life draining ability. Jane and Gary bring her down and Gary kills her absorbing her memories.

Wing, Victor and Coleen bring down Tundra but let her go. This gives enough time for Axel and Tycho to also get away.


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