American superpower with cat like abilities


Real Name: Dean Childs

- Cat Assassin
- Bisexual
- Wild and Extreme

+4 Athletics
+3 Fight, Stealth
+2 Investigate, Burglary, Deceive

+ 2 to Athletics when leaping, balancing, or otherwise demonstrating your agility and to dodge ranged attacks.. Can fall from any height and take no damage. + 2 to investigate when using sight or hearing and can see in the dark.+ 2 to Fight while brawling unarmed in close quarters and can choose to deal a minor consequence instead of stress.

Hyperfocus: You can focus the full power of your super sense on someone anywhere in the scene. Because of your superior focus, you gain +4 to all attack and defense rolls against your target until you end this effect or the target is taken out. However, you cannot attack anyone else while hyperfocused, and you are liable to cause collateral damage because you’ve stopped paying attention to your surroundings.



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