Wendy McDonald (Ms Patriot)

Most popular American superpowers


Real Name: Wendy McDonald
Super Name: Ms Patriot

- Americas tornado darling
- Self conscious about her image
- Rose colored glasses
- Little Ms Kanas

*+4 Will
+3 Athletics, Rapport
+2 Notice, Contacts, Empathy

Air Control: You can fill your zone with specific weather patterns by creating an advantage using Will (+ 2). The opposition is generally Fair (+ 2), but increases with especially difficult weather, such as tornadoes. These weather patterns fade away when you will them to. You can attack any target with Will where you have an air aspect including additional targets in the zone.

Flight: You can move vertically through the air as easily as moving along the ground. Use Athletics to overcome obstacles or create advantages related to flying.

Whirlwind: You fly in a tight circle at top speed, whipping up intense winds that push every other target out of the zone. You determine who is pushed into which adjacent zone.


Wendy McDonald (Ms Patriot)

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