Visili Alexandrov (Sandman)

Soviet Super power of telepathy and dream, gone rogue


Code Name: Sandman (Дрема)
Real Name: Visili Alexandrov


  • Thoughts and dreams are mine
  • confuses reality and dream
  • Man created the gods, and we are those gods
  • in love with Baba Yaga
  • double agent

+5 Notice
+4 Investigate, Deceive
+3 provoke, Will, Shoot
+2 Rapport, Stealth, Empathy, Burglary

Sandman can affect peoples mind to see a dreamlike illusory image that fills up an entire zone and affects all the senses. You must concentrate to keep the illusion active. Others must actively try to see through your illusion. This is an overcome roll using Investigate, which you actively oppose using Deceive. Sandman can also use this power to walk into others dreams and control them.

With telepathy Sandman can use Investigate (+ 6) delves into deep thoughts and memories. With Notice he picks up surface thoughts and detects unfamiliar minds. He can also project words into the minds of anyone within an adjacent zone. Anyone who is aware of having their mind read can oppose with Will.

You can mentally overwhelm everyone else in the scene, effectively freezing them. They can’t take physical actions, but they can still invoke aspects and perform mental tasks. They can attempt to break out by overcoming with Will, opposed by your Will. On each of your turns, you
must concentrate, using your action, to keep them frozen. The psychic brainlock will definitely have lasting effects on their brains..


Visili Alexandrov (Sandman)

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