Ms Marjorie Clemens

Overseer of American Superpowers



  • Confident Overseer
  • Always suspicious
  • CIA’s scariest
  • On of the original 10
  • Life Draining vampire

+5 Notice
+4 Contacts, Empathy
+3 Stealth, Will, Deceive
+2 Shoot, Investigate, Fight, Rapport

The Weight of Reputation. You can use Contacts instead of Provoke to create advantages based on the fear generated by the sinister reputation you’ve cultivated for yourself and all the shady associates you have.

Life Drain: Upon touching someone Ms Clemens can make an attack using Stealth (vs Notice) or Fight. On a successful attack she does an extra 6 mental stress and heals a mental consequence or all stress. Her opponent is also paralyzed and must make a Will check (diff 4) to escape. If they fail they take another 4 points of stress. If the opponent dies she heals all consequences and stress. She also knows anything her victim knew.
Weakness: She takes an automatic point of un-healable mental stress every week.


Ms Marjorie Clemens

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