MANiC 55.6

Secret super computer created by Tesla.


After the war to speed up development of Ally SuperPowers they had Alan Turing development a new computer based off the plans of the ENIAC. Turing decided to use similar plans based off some ideas by Nicoli Tesla. He created a device called the MANiC and soon after the Original 10 were born. Turing knew he made a mistake and buried the machine.

Eliot Goldberg found the original plans and made a new version based off the Cray supercomputer. However, during its programming it is believed that a soviet spy introduced communist ideals into its personality matrix.

- An almost sentient supercomputer
- Dependent on humans
- Communist programming

+6 Craft
+5 Will, Lore
+4 Rapport


MANiC 55.6

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