Leroy Tesko (Quantum)

US Superpower who can bend reality


- Reality Bending Super of the US
- Fear of being alone

+4 Notice
+3 Will, Shoot
+2 Lore, Empathy, Investigate

Energy Blast: You can fire a projectile of some sort, with a range of three zones, using Shoot.

Precognition: You can see hits coming early, letting you use Notice (+6) to defend against all physical attacks. Also, during a conflict you always act before anyone who does not have Precognition.

Shielding: With a moment’s concentration, you can erect a barrier between your zone and an adjacent zone, which lasts until the end of the scene or you will it away. This barrier is transparent, but no matter can pass through it. When someone attempts to attack through the barrier, or attacks the barrier itself, you intercept the attack, using Will to defend. If the attack succeeds, you may either take the shifts as mental stress or allow the barrier to
shatter and take mental stress equal to half of the shifts, rounded down. You may erect multiple barriers, but each active barrier after the first reduces your Will roll to defend by one.


Leroy Tesko (Quantum)

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