Eva Gonzales (Straight Shot)

American super power with great aim and agility


Real Name: Eva Gonzales
Super Name: Straight Shot

- Agile and exact super of US
- Trusts her friends
- Never misses

+4 Shoot
+3 Athletics, Stealth
+2 Provoke, Fight, Burglary


Super Agility: You are preternaturally graceful, and gain +4 to Athletics when leaping, balancing, dodging or otherwise demonstrating your agility. In addition, you have a prodigious leap: leaping up to a second-story window or from rooftop to rooftop requires no Athletics roll. May also add the bonus to shoot with any thrown weapon.

Hair-Trigger Reaction: If you are targeted by a ranged attack from another zone, you can use your superhuman agility to not just leap out of the way, but also leap toward your attacker, landing in their zone. This causes the attack to miss you, but it will still hit something in your zone.


Eva Gonzales (Straight Shot)

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