Eliot Goldberg

Millionaire and cult leader


Real Name: Eliot Goldberg

*Aspects: *
- Super rich cult leader
- The machines will guide us

+6 Craft
+5 Lore, Investigate
+4 Empathy, Shoot, Drive

Basic Gadgeteering: You have an intuitive understanding of machines of all types. Just by seeing a device, you can tell what it does, at least in general. In addition, you gain +2 to Crafts when repairing or building complex devices.

Power Armor Suit: +2 to shoot, athletics, fight. Damage 2. Armor 2. When connected to Manic 55.6 these increase to +4 with two actions.

With mental contact to MANiC 55.6 you have any number of fantastically useful contraptions tucked into your utility belt. You can spend take a point of mental stress to create just about anything you could possibly carry on your person and simulate any base power using Crafts as the skill.


Eliot Goldberg

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