Dariya Yegerov (Baba Yaga)

Deceased, Soviet Super Power of choas and teleportation


Code Name: Baba Yaga (Бабы Яги)
Real Name: Dariya Yegerov
Age: 23


  • Cursed super of Russia
  • Self Sacrifice
  • Will never be imprisoned.
  • Most popular among the Russian people

+5 Athletics
+4 Lore, fight
+3 Notice, Stealth, Burglary
+2 Rapport, Will, Shoot, Notice

You can move up to three zones as an action, provided that you can see where you are moving to. By concentrating for a few minutes in a location, you can mark it. Thereafter, you can always teleport back to your marked location, regardless of distance. You may change your marked location whenever you want, but you can only have one marked location at a time. Baba Yaga get +2 to defend if she can teleport.

Cursed Aura – you fill your entire zone with bad luck. Everyone but Baba Yaga’s zone can’t reroll.


Dariya Yegerov (Baba Yaga)

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