Col William Kirtz

Insane Col who went AWOL


- Insane war leader
- Tactical genius
- Has many followers
- calm and likable
- one of the original 10

+5 Rapport
+4 Will, Deception
+3 Notice, Shoot, Empathy
+2 Fight, Athletics, Investigate, Stealth

Control Others: You can use Rapport (+7) to attack, defended against with Will. If you succeed against a nameless NPC, you may give them a task, which they will then attempt to fulfill. Against a named NPC or a PC, they may follow your order or take mental stress from the attack, their choice. Anyone you give a task to will try their best to accomplish it until they succeed or the scene ends, whichever comes first. The tasks you assign are short-term objectives, such as “Give me that gun,” or “Go away.” Because even the weakest-willed are driven by self-preservation, you cannot force someone to directly harm themself or put themself in an inevitably fatal position, such as jumping off a building, but you can force them to take riskier actions than they would.


Col William Kirtz

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