Axel Krüger

One successful German superpower


Name: Axel Krüger

- Original German Superpower
- homosexual in a world that won’t accept him
- Just wants to be left alone
- My son is important to me.

+5 Will
+4 Deceit, Notice
+3 Stealth, Shoot, Athletics

You can move large objects in your own or up to 3 zones away without physically touching them. By hurling objects around, you can attack with Will + 4 against targets in your zone. You also defend with will + 4 by creating a shield.

With telepethy Axel can read minds using notice to detect surface thoughts. He can use Will to launch mental attacks up to three zones away. If he takes out someone with such an attack, he can either render them comatose or take control of their mind.

Holding Pattern: By pouring everything you have into your telekinetic power, you can lift everyone and everything in your zone and adjacent zones off the ground. Lifted targets cannot move or take physical actions that require movement, such as using Fight, but they can still use Shoot or mental attacks.


Axel Krüger

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