Atom Smasher

American superpower with the ability to create extreme heat and radiation


Real Name: Adam Osler

Adam’s father was in the military and survived WW2. When he heard about the superpower program he volunteered his wife and unborn child. Adam’s father was horrible to the family and he preferred to hangout with the other superpower away from them. At the age of 10 when his power further developed his father his his wife and Adam atomized him.

- Radiant Leader
- Explosive Temper
- troubled upbringing

+4 fight
+3 Rapport, Athletics
+2 Will, Physique, Investigation


  • Use Athletics to fly through the air
  • Use your radiation to do 4 stress/ ignores armor
  • Mass Blast: You can emanate a wave of harm from your body that affects everyone in your zone. It kills nameless NPCs, while named NPCs and PCs must successfully defend with Physique against Fair (+2) opposition to avoid taking a moderate physical consequence.

Atom Smasher

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