Amelia Barrow (Wing)

Oldest British Superpower


Oldest of the British Superpower she is cheerful and looking forward to getting in the field.

Name: Amelia Barrow
Superpower Name: Wing
Born: 1958

- British superpower of flight
- Eager to prove herself
- Incredibly likeable

+4 Athletics
+3 Rapport, Notice
+2 Fight

+7 to athletics to move vertically through the air as easily as moving along the ground. Use Athletics to overcome obstacles or create advantages related to flying. Can move 3 zones for free. Gain +2 notice when in the air. Gain +X to fight and stress where X is equal to the number of zones moved.

Megaton Punch: By flying a few stories up and slamming yourself back into the ground at top speed, you create a shockwave. This attacks every target in a zone at the expense of the structural integrity of the zone.


Amelia Barrow (Wing)

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