War of Superpowers

Meet The Super

Domestic dispute among the most powerful people in the world.

Coleen Carmichael insults Atom Smasher by insulting his sister who is in a wheelchair.This causes him to flip out an attack her.

At the same time the reporting, Jim Faultry, shows up asking about the recent report with Marjorie Clemens who made comment that the American Superpowers were dangerous and needed to be controlled. Gary Indiana insists it is nothing and asks him to leave.

Coleen managed to phase through the wall but Atom just burns his way through which Jim notices. Gary again says it is nothing and goes to check what is going on ignoring Jim. Wildcat siding with Atom and and Jane Le Fleur siding with Coleen have joined the fight backing up their friends. Jane changes to iron and Wildcat can’t hurt her.

Atom with burning fists of radiation hits Coleen causing severe burns and Ms Clemens blows a whistle causing them all to freeze revealing that they are all under a form conditioning.



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