War of Superpowers

Split Sides

February 1974, Group is sent to West Berlin and meet with MI-6 Agent Nigel. They recently discovered Dieter Krüger, the son of Axel Krüger. Axel was a Nazi soldier during WWII who was believed to experimented on with super soldier program. He was believed dead but MI-6 intelligence has found he is hiding in the Eastern Block. With the discovery of Dieter it proves that the abilities of the superpowers can be inherited.

The study of Axel could help discover new aspects of the super soldier program and KGB have Axel’s boyfriend, Tycho, under house arrest. The CIAs plan is to extract or kill Tycho to prevent KGB from finding Axel. Then using Dieter and Tycho to lure out Axel.

Since MI-6 is sharing the intelligence with the CIA they insist that Amelia Barrow (Wing), Britain’s first active Superpower assist in the mission.

Wing, Coleen, Victor and Gary try to cross to East Germany. Victor first creates a distraction by sending a car across a bridge then travels across the phone wires. Gary morphes in asphalt and blends with the road. Coleen phases and flied over. Everything is going well when Wing whips by in flight leaving sparks behind her. East German soldiers point spot lights at her and start to fire.

Gary takes the form of a soldier and is ordered by Tundra to follow her. Coleen find Wing and creates an explosion by phasing a rock and throwing it into a mailbox. The explosion knocks out the soldiers but also hurts Wing. The two get away. Victor tries to play like a civilian but is captures by Tundra.

Wing knows a MI-6 safehouse where her and Coleen hide. She is upset about screwing up the mission but Coleen calms her by doing her hair. They also discuss Coleen relationship with Sergei and Amelia says he is to marry a Russian model, Natasha Nali. They two bond.

Gary, disguised as solider, convinces Tundra to let him interrogate Victor She agrees. Victor knocks out the electricity and the two escape.

The four decide to rescue Axel who is being hold in an apartment by Boris Trushin (The Bear). Gary stretches his face to listen on the apartment and finds that Tycho is about to break. He whispers into his ear and manages a convincing lie to Boris.

Coleen, who is waiting outside, spots Sergei (The Sickle) who is not with his girlfriend. She confronts him as a distraction but also to find out about Natasha. Sergei explains that it is the idea of the government and his heart is with her but he must do what his country tells him.

Victor gets in and electrocutes the two guards allowing Gary to stretch Tycho to safety. Boris morphs into a bear and rips into Victor. He barely manages to escape and they steal a Trabant car. As they drive away The Bear is right behind them. Wing smashes into him and Gary and Coleen try to distract him and they barely get away.

Jane andAgent Jack Carson question Dieter to see if he knows anything about his father. When Jack leaves Dieter says he has to get out and thinks his life is in danger. Jane helps sneak him out by discovering she has a new ability to turn other invisible.

The rest of the group returns to the MI-6 base with Tycho. They find out about Jane and Dieter running off but set up a plan to bring out Axel anyway. With Tycho they plan to meet at a park figuring that Axel is aware and will meet there.

The group heads to the park with Tycho. Jane and Dieter also find out about the plan and also find there way there. Tycho sits on a bench and the others notice that Tundra is there. A fight breaks out with Tundra and Boris. Jane tries to help but Ms Clemons gets in her way and tries to kill her with her life draining ability. Jane and Gary bring her down and Gary kills her absorbing her memories.

Wing, Victor and Coleen bring down Tundra but let her go. This gives enough time for Axel and Tycho to also get away.



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