War of Superpowers

Man and the Machine

It is December 1973 and Gary, Coleen, Jane and Victor Volt head to Managua, Nicaragua on an intelligence mission led by Agent Jack Carson and Ms Marjorie Clemens. Eliot Goldberg a pioneer in supercomputing left to Nicaragua with a cult he helped create. Wendy McDonald (Ms Patriot) has joined them. It is also believed that Goldberg is one of the Original 10 and aligned with Sandinista National Liberation Front.

They land in Managua and are greeted by President Anastasio Somoza and his family. Victor notices that President Somoza’s daughter, Angelica, is wearing a strange necklace the is electronic in nature. The president also shows them that two large skyscrapers in the distance. The first, Le Grande, is 83 stories. The second, El Somoza is currently under construction and will be 115 stories, the world largest skyscraper.

The group Investigates Le Somoza skyscraper being built. Coleen talks to Wendy McDonald (Ms Patriot) and convinces her to have lunch with them. Jane discovers strange antennas on the building. Gary find hidden passages for the robots. Gary connects with MANiC 55.6.

At a dinner party Victor steals a strange peace of tech around Angelica Somoza’s neck and almost gets into a fight with one of her suiters.

Group investigates the Le Grande skyscraper and find robots below the building which attack them. They manage to disable the robots by knocking out the antennae that surround them. They head back up and spot a droid. Victor senses it spying on a group of officials from Venezuela and Mexico. Ms Patriot is also in the room when an explosion goes off.

After bomb goes off Coleen and Jane find Wendy who managed to seal herself in an air bubble during the explosion preventing much of the damage but leaving her knocked out. Gary and Victor spot Goldberg and kidnap him.

They take Wendy and Eliot to a safehouse and question Eliot. MANiC asks Victor to connect more with him and Victor agrees. Victor tries to disconnect MANiC from the area but Manic forces him not to. Eliot says he is not with the SNLF but MANiC is. Eliot is trying to find a safe place for him and his cult and using his abilities to help improve Somoza’s situation.

Wendy tried to free Eliot but the group prevents her. Jack shows up and releases him anyway.

The group decides to head to the cult HQ in a junkyard. On the way Victor admits to being in partial control of MANiC. Jane records the conversation.

The group attacks MANiC but Eliot is there in power armor along with Irena Federov in disguise. They destroy MANiC but not before he sends a backup of himself to the Cray Supercomputer in Langley.

As the group prepares to leave Victor is arrested having admitted to being under the control of MANiC.



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