War of Superpowers

Heart of Darkness

The Supers head to Vietnam to take out one of the original 10

March 1973. On the beach at a US military army base in Vietnam Ms Clemens gives the crew their mission: to find and bring back Col William Kirtz who is in Cambodia and believed to be one of the Original 10. Since the US has signed a treaty they decided to have a Korean platoon from the Blue Dragons led by Jin Ho Janggok escort them. She also warns them that Baba Yaga has been working with the Viet Cong. Ms Clemens pulls Jane aside and tells her that she must kill Kirtz.

Flashback The superpowers are in their first year of Junior High in Albuquerque. Victor is getting picked on and Jane comes up to help but just gets pushed down. She grabs a piece of metal and her skin takes on its properties and without thinking she punches the bully in the face breaking his jaw.

The crew takes a helicoptor but has to stop at a Southern Vietnam village to resupply. The Blue Dragons treat the locals horribly and Victor is able to pick up radio transmission that the Viet Cong are near by. One of the soldiers threatens to kill a local but Jane grabs his gun and crushes it. They manage to calm things and leave before the Viet Cong arrive but Jane notices Jin Ho starring at her suspiciously.

While on the helicopter Gary Indiana talks with Jane and see if she wants him to take out Jin Ho or one of the soldier and take his place. She disagrees for now.

The crew switches to a river boat and start heading up river. They are attacked by the Viet Cong. Jane turns invisible and Coleen phases and flies over to their attackers. They are able to take them out without much problem but notice Baba Yaga teleport. The rest of the crew is taking cover and firing back. Victor notices Baba Yaga appear on the boat and drop a backpack that he senses is a bomb. He jumps on it and makes it inert. Baba Yaga cuts him then teleports away and the Viet Cong retreat.

The crew comes up and discovers Kirtz hideout. A number of soldiers and locals surround the area. Kirtz speaks with them and tries to convince them to stay.

Jin Ho speaks with Jane and tells her that his main mission is to bring her back with him to South Korea. He tells her it is where she is originally from and to join her country people. Jane says she’ll think about it.

Victor and Jane head off and chat when Baba Yaga suddenly appears, grabs Victor and teleports away. Victor find himself surrounded by Viet Cong. Baba Yaga proceeds to question him using a lie detector which he takes control of. However, the machines including the lie detector, the guns and a nearby jeep seem to talk in his head. He makes a break for it in the jeep.

The rest of the supers try to convince Kirtz to help them save Victor but he says he no longer feels safe and is leaving the hideout and encourages them to follow. Indiana feels somewhat pulled towards him but decides to leave with the other supers to save Victor.

Victor’s jeep crashes with the Viet Cong just behind him. The other supers try to help but Jane takes a hit and turns invisible. Coleen spots Baba Yaga and the rest of the three team up on her. Victor blasts her and another jeep; blowing it up. Indiana distracts her and Coleen criticizes her outfit then phases into her. Indiana finally kills her by completely taking her identity. Jane reappears and knocks out Indiana thinking he is Baba Yaga.

The supers find Kirtz to location and again try to convince him to go but he refuses and says they cannot leave. He starts to control their minds but Jane convinces him to have a private conversation. Kirtz forces her mind to tell the truth and she confesses to be ordered to assassinate him. She tells him what she knows about the Original 10 and Ms Clemens and he agrees to leave with them.

Back on the beach the group is flirting with the military men, having a few beers and blowing off steam. Jane notices Ms Clemens take Kirtz back into a room and Jane follows invisible. They have a conversation about how Kirtz can’t go back to the mainland and then she puts too bullets in his head.



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