War of Superpowers

Dreams of Freedom

July 1972, All the US Supers head to Sandia Labs in NM and are meeted by Dr Joseph Kine, one of the original biologists to work on SuperPowers in the US. He has been missing for five years and when questioned he says he was captured by China but rescued and held by the CIA in Okinawa for 3 years. However, Gary Indiana had been messed and has false memories of a summer with him and the others two years ago.

Victor, Eva Gonzales, Coleen and Gary head off base and steal a Charger and pass around a bottle of Vodka while driving into Albuquerque. A group of UNM students in a Camaro challenge them to race. Victor accepts and barely beats them but finds that he has the cops on his tail. He is able to ditch them but the care breaks down.

While the supers are sleeping in the bunker an alarm goes off alerting everyone that (Sandman) has escaped. He uses his illusions forcing guards an other supers including [[:wendy-mcdonald-ms-patriot (Ms Patriot)]] to attack each other but Victor uses the cameras, and the group is able to coordinate and take him down. They find that Sandman had been free 30min before the alarm went off. Viewing security cameras they find that Gary freed him, and he went into the rooms of Ms Clemens

Gary sneaks into Dr Kines room and speaks with him. He finds out that Kines memories were also altered and he to remembers being in NM two years ago. He admits to never been captured by China and is not sure where he has been. He wonders if it was there memories that were altered or everyone else’s.

Victor meets with Cole Fergison to see if he can help him question Sandman. Cole tells him he has a device that will allow them to see Sandman’s memories and thoughts but it is not tested. Victor agrees to let him test it on him. The test goes well except for a moment when everything goes white and all that Victor hears is a strange voice calling itself MANiC 55.6 and they need to work with each other.

Coleen, Victor and Gary find out that Sandman is going to be transferred and they hurry and sneak into his cell. Sandman makes a deal with them that they he will give them the information he got from Ms Clemens’ dreams if they help them sneak him out. They first confirm that he won’t continue working for the Soviets and he tells them he will disappear and work mercenary. They agree and find out Ms Clemens has created her own superpowers that she controls unconditionally and see the US Superpowers as failures.

The group helps sneak Sandman out and he walks off disappearing as his escort shows up.



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